Debraj does research in Spatial Modelling, Population Dynamics, Computational Sociology, Social Choice Theory and Complexity Science. He completed his PhD in 2017 titled 'Modelling Slum Dynamics Using an Integrated Agent-Based Simulation Framework'. He specifically employs agent-based modelling (ABM), parallel discrete event simulation (PDES) and geographic information system (GIS) to study these systems. To calibrate and validate these models I apply methods from remote sensing, spatial statistics and information theory. The most significant contribution of his PhD is the new insights into how population dynamics and social network drives the growth and emergence of slums under the differentiated context of religion, language and ethnicity. Prior to joining academia, Debraj has 5 years of experience in designing real-time simulations and supply chain optimization in the field of transportation and logistics.


As a postdoctoral fellow, Debraj focussed on validating spatial agent-based models using very high-resolution satellite imagery from Bangalore. He has worked on understanding segregation in the slum of Bangalore using Tilly's theory of group identity. Further, his research also included an analysis of gender-preference and fertility behaviour in India. Currently, Debraj is working on modelling the impact of gentrification on migration using concepts from evolution. To validate his models, Debraj is working on detecting various forms of urban built-up structures using high-resolution remote sensed images. He has been active in the open exchange of data and models for the scientific community and dissemination of research results to the general public (Open Science). In this page, you can see his current projects and research interests.



2003 - 2007

Visvesvaraya Technological University

Bachelor of Engineering

Urban Complexity

Strategy-making in a relational world.

Complex Systems Theory

Order, complexity and Chaos

2012 - 2016

Nanyang Technological University

Doctor of Philosophy

Agent-Based Modelling

Modelling your world bottom-up.

2016 - 2019

University of Amsterdam

Postdoctoral Researcher

Population Dynamics

Segregation, migration, inequality and identities.

Urbanism & 

Complex System

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